Terms and conditions


The present terms and conditions apply to the goods/services sold by the company under the name “Politidou Dimitra” and with the distinctive title “Politidou Dimitra” based in Thessaloniki, a.f.m.: 149242943 of Thessaloniki (hereinafter the “company”) through its online store lucidiastudio.com (hereinafter “online store”).

Submission of an electronic order – proposal to purchase goods

The order of the company’s products and/or services from the lucidiastudio@gmail.com online store is submitted by completing and sending the special order form that appears in the online store under the “shopping cart” section. Before submitting the order (checkout), the customer receives through a special link (pop-up window) knowledge of the terms concerning the sale of the products and/or services he wishes to acquire, as well as the use of his personal data. In order to complete the order, the customer must choose to activate the relevant icon (indicator) “I have read and accept the terms of use, purchases and protection of my personal data”. With this marking, the customer expressly and unreservedly declares that, before submitting his order, he received the following information in a clear and comprehensible manner:

Of the main characteristics of the products and/or services ordered, as described on the pages of the online store. The customer must check every relevant characteristic, before submitting his order, so as not to have the slightest doubt about the characteristics and properties of the ordered products and/or services. The company has no responsibility in case the customer failed to be sufficiently informed about the above.

The company’s identity and e-mail address.

The total price of the products and/or services of the order, including VAT, any other fees and all additional shipping, delivery or postal charges and any other costs. Where, due to the nature of the goods or services, such charges cannot reasonably be calculated in advance, the fact that such additional charges may be required shall be made known to the customer in the text of the order (order form) and the customer must obtain knowledge before placing the order. Additional charges or other costs that were not made known to the customer before submitting the order or in the event that they could not be calculated at the time of the order were not notified to the customer by e-mail before the confirmation of receipt of the order, then these are not borne by the customer without his prior express consent. In particular, the listed prices of the products and/or services as mentioned in the online store are the final ones (including the relevant VAT). The above mentioned final prices of each product and/or service in the online store do not include shipping costs, which are calculated in the text of the order based on the customer’s choice of shipping method.

The arrangements for payment, delivery, execution, but also the deadline within which the company undertakes to deliver the goods or provide the services, as well as the policy applied by the company to deal with complaints.

Of any delivery restrictions and means of payment.

Of the existence of the company’s liability for real defects and lack of contracted properties in accordance with articles 534 et seq. of the civil code.

Where applicable, the existence and terms of application of after-sales customer support services, after-sales service and commercial guarantees.

Of the duration of the contract, where applicable, or, if the contract is of indefinite duration or of automatic extension, the conditions for the termination of the contract.

Where applicable, the functionality of the digital content, together with the applicable technical protection measures.

Where applicable, any standard interoperability of digital content with hardware and software of which the company has knowledge or is reasonably expected to have knowledge.

Where applicable, the possibility of recourse to an extrajudicial complaint and redress mechanism to which the company belongs, as well as the ways of accessing it.

Of the payment obligation upon submission of the order.
The sending of the order to the company constitutes a proposal for the purchase of the ordered goods and a declaration of acceptance of all the charges described in the order. The customer, by submitting his order, expressly acknowledges that the order entails an obligation to pay.

Confirmation of receipt of electronic order/preparation of sale
The order is not binding on the company, before the customer receives confirmation of the acceptance of the order by the company, as described below:
The order is considered received by the company from the moment the customer receives by email, to the electronic contact address he has registered, information about its successful submission. The details mentioned in the successful order submission email will be applied to the sales contract. the status of the order is constantly updated, while corresponding updates also take place when changes occur during the management of the order. The customer also has the possibility to be informed about the progress of the order by sending an e-mail (to the e-mail address: lucidiastudio@gmail.com). During the processing of each registered order, the stock availability of the ordered products is confirmed. In case the availability or the delivery time differs from that stated on the product page, the customer will receive a relevant information. In particular, the company, after establishing the availability of the product and the absence of any errors in the online store regarding the pricing or price of the products, their characteristics, etc. will confirm the acceptance of the order by electronic message (e-mail). The content of the order, the total price, the method of payment, the shipping address and the shipping or cash on delivery costs will be explicitly confirmed in the above email. The order is considered binding and the sale is considered to have been established and creates claims of the contracting parties (customer – companies) only after sending and receiving the above electronic message.
Limitations of liability: in the context of good faith and commercial ethics, the company is not obliged to accept an order and conclude a sale of products and/or services that, due to a typographical or computer error, appear in the online store with an incorrect price, i.e. lower or higher than the one in force for the period in question. In the event that in an order such an error in the price is found in only part of the ordered products, then the order is valid and executed normally for the rest of the products and is considered incomplete for the products in which the error was found.

Product availability
The customer is informed about the availability of the products through indications placed on the page of each product or service in the online store. The company reserves the right to the availability of its products, if they are not available at the time of the order. In this case, the company reserves the right not to accept the specific order and therefore not to complete the sale. Any payments made will be refunded to the customer without undue delay, in the same way the customer chose to pay for their order. If the lack of availability concerns only part of the ordered products of the order, the rest of the order is carried out normally.
The company notifies the customer each time of the estimated delivery time of the ordered product, depending on the circumstances and the delivery method he chooses. In any case, the company undertakes to deliver the ordered product within thirty days from the confirmation of receipt of the order. However, the company reserves the right to inform the customer in case of unforeseen reasons that make the product unavailable or make it impossible to deliver within the above deadline and about the possible new delivery time of the ordered product. In this case, if it is judged that the delay makes the transaction unprofitable for the customer, the customer is entitled to unilaterally cancel the order with a written statement (by email to lucidiastudio@gmail.com) within a period of two days from the notification of the company for the new delivery time. If the order is cancelled, and thus the sales contract is terminated by the customer, the company must return, without undue delay, all the money that the customer had paid to it.

Order delivery/place of delivery
The products are sent to the place chosen by the customer, and for this purpose they are delivered to an external partner – carrier. Shipping costs are calculated based on the customer’s order and are borne by him. For any incorrect registration on the part of the customer or any incorrect choice of shipping method on his part and, therefore, for any incorrect calculation of shipping costs, the company is not responsible, but exclusively the customer, who is responsible for paying them. It is noted that, in case the customer chooses the transport by his own means, the products are transported at his own risk. To receive the order, the customer will show the external carrier-partner the confirmation of the order (in which the order number will be written), as well as an official identification document (such as a police ID card or passport). If the customer wishes to authorize a third party to receive his order, then the third party authorized person should show a special authorization to receive the specific order, legally considered to certify the authenticity of the signature by kep, police or other authority, as and some official document necessary for identity verification (police ID, passport, etc.). Since, after the receipt of the products, the risk passes to the customer, the latter must check the products he receives upon receipt, as with his signature upon receipt he confirms that he has correctly received the products of his order. If the customer does not receive the product despite the relevant notification from the carrier, the company reserves the right to withdraw from the sale.

Delivery time
The delivery time of the sold products and services is determined according to availability and is a maximum of thirty (30) days from the time of the sale, unless there is a specific different agreement of the parties confirmed in writing, by electronic mail.
The company is not responsible for delays in the execution of the order (including delivery) that are due to circumstances that cannot be attributed to the fault of the company or are due to force majeure and, in these cases, the company is entitled to an extension of time to carry out the delivery of the sold products and services, after the termination of these situations. Illustrative examples may be strikes, acts of terrorism, war, supplier, transportation, production problems, exchange rate fluctuations, restrictions on capital movements, change in national currency, governmental or legislative acts and natural disasters. If such incidents last more than two months, the sales contract may be terminated by either party without compensation. In such a case, if the customer considers that he no longer has an interest in the execution of the order, he is entitled to terminate the sales contract in writing and the company is obliged to refund him the price as well as any other amount that was paid under the sales contract.

The payment method is chosen by the customer at the time of the order. Payment methods are defined as cash on delivery, with the customer bearing the relevant costs of cash on delivery in such a case, payment by debit or credit card, with the company having the right to pass on to the customer any charge that may be imposed on the transaction due to the use of a credit or debit card, payment via paypal and deposit/transfer to the company’s bank account.
The obligation to pay arises upon the submission of the order.
In the case of choosing payment by deposit/transfer to the company’s bank account, the customer must use his name as a reference to the payment so that the company can associate the payment with the customer’s order. Also, in such a case, it is expressly agreed that the order will not be shipped to the customer until the amount of the sale price appears in the bank account of the company.
In any case, any delivered products remain the property of the company until the final, full and complete payment of the price to it.
In the event of a change in the national currency, all orders for products/services placed on the e-shop website up to the specified change date will still be due in euros, regardless of the time set for their delivery.



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